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SGF monthly board call-in is the second Tuesday of the month, 5:30PM.  Call in to 1-209-647-1000, pass code 952595#.

Next call in: Tuesday, Sept 10.

Previous minutes:

SGF Executive Committee

Meeting Minutes

When:  August 19, 2013

Where:  Teleconference

How:  Call in to 1-209-647-1000, pass code 952595#.


1. Call To Order 5:30

EC Attendees:  Jay Gardner, Jim Bandy, Maria Quasius, Pete Quasius, Andy Hill,

Danny Barrow, Mike Readling

Non-EC: Kris Harris and Brett Fitzgerald

2. Quorum to Conduct Business is confirmed

3. Grant Applications – to Pew to fund AAP and to EVCO to underwrite advocacy by


4. Attorney Thomas F Hudgins PLLC (http://www.naplestax.com) was introduced to

the Executive Committee (EC).  Mr. Hudgins received the EC vote for involvement

on SGF’s Advisory Council.  Mr. Hudgins will be part of a small committee to help

ensure that SGF is growing/progressing in the best possible direction. Jim B. will

be the liaison between Ted H. and the EC and will provide reports regarding an

audit.  The EC can determine how we want to go forward.  Pete Q. moved to make a

member. Jay G. seconded. All in favor.

5. Current financial matters discussed with board, including current method of foundation spending. 

6. Linda Robert’s position proposal was discussed.

7. Holly A. noted that moving forward, our bylaws state that meetings such as this need

to be announced on our website to members. Pete Q. also agreed, and moving

forward these meetings will be posted. Jay G. suggested we include language in

our bylaws to allow for emergency meetings, such as today, to ensure they are legal

within our internal laws.

8. Adjourn 6:00pm

Monthly Call-in Board Meeting

August 13th, 5:30 PM. Call-in number (209) 647-1000, code 952595#

Tentative Agenda:

1.    Call To Order
2.    Confirm Quorum to Conduct Business
3.    Approve Last Annual Meeting Minutes from July 20, 2013
4.    Website    Update (Brett)
5.    Membership Update (Brett)
6.    Reports
     a.    Chair's Report (Jim)
     b.    Treasurer's Report (Jim/Maria)
     c.    Advocacy Report (Pete)
     d.    AAP Report (Brett)
     e.    Ales for Anglers Fund Raiser (Holly)
     f.    RESTORE ACT and Fish Barotrauma Research Project (TJ/Brett)
7.    Bylaws discussion (full board)
8.    Next Meetings
     a.    Board Meeting:  September ?, 2013 at 5:30pm Via Phone Number Listed Above
     b.    Annual Meeting:  April 19, 2014 at TBD Location
9.    Open Comments
10.    Adjourn

Expect great things from SGF in the months to come!  [Election of New Chairman Announced]

Members of the Board 2013-14

  • Jim Bandy, Chairman
  • Maria Quasius, Treasurer
  • Andy Hill,Director
  • Holly Andreotta, Secretary
  • Capt. Danny Barrow, Atlantic Regional Director; Guide's Advocate
  • Capt. Jon Brett, Director
  • Jay Gardner, Texas Regional Director
  • Bobby Greenwell, Director
  • J.J. Grey, Director
  • William Halstead, Director
  • Stephen Jara, Director
  • Jay Lochner, Director
  • Capt. Pete Quasius, Vice Chair
  • Mike Readling, Vice Chairs
  • Erik Rimblas, Angler Action Program coordinator
  • Eric Gates, Director
  • Dave Nickles, Director
  • Larry Jones, Director

Advisory Council

  • Landis V. Curry III, PA
  • Ted Hudgins, Board Certified Tax Attorney, J.D. and LLM
  • Capt.Van Hubbard
  • Capt. Mark Nichols
  • Chico Fernandez
  • Lefty Kreh
  • Gary Loomis
  • Roland Martin
  • Capt. Scott Moore
  • Capt. Rick Murphy
  • Rick Ruoff
  • Capt. Bouncer Smith
  • Frank Sargeant
  • Patrick Smith
  • Capt. Rodney Smith
  • Capt Blair Wiggins
  • Greg and Brian Watts

Science and Technology Advisory Council

  • Dr. Aaron Adams, Ph.D.
  • Dr. Luiz Barbieri, Ph.D. - FWC, FWRI
  • Dr. Nathan Brennan Ph.D.
  • Dr. Grant Gilmore, Ph.D.
  • Capt. Peter Hull - past President
  • Dr. Ken Leber Ph.D. - past Vice President
  • Dr. Steve LeGore, Ph.D.
  • Dr. Kevan Main, Ph.D. - past Secretary/Treasurer
  • Dr. Phil Stevens, Ph.D.
  • Ron Taylor - Chief Snook Biologist, FWC
  • John Cassani - S.W. Florida Watershed Council
  • Roy R. "Robin" Lewis III - Professional Wetland Scientist #725

Minutes from most recent Annual Meeting

1.    Call To Order
Made by Jim Bandy at 2:00pm

2.    Confirm Quorum to Conduct Business
Note:  Members in Good Standing (Dues Paid) Have One Vote
10 BOD members are present, quorum confirmed by Pete Quasius

In person: Brandon Shuler, Capt. Pete Quasius, Bill Halsted, Jim Bandy, Capt. Danny  Barrow, Jay Lochner, Erik Rimblas, Maria Quasius, Brett Fitzgerald, Kris Harris, Buff Harris, Capt. Mike Readling, Holly Andreotta, Stephen Jara, Larry Jones, TJ Marshall, Jeff Barger
Proxy:        Jay Gardner, Jon Brett, J.J. Grey
Phone:        Dave Nickles

3.    Approve Meeting Minutes
     a.    Last Annual Meeting
Capt. Pete Quasius approved Aug 2011 Meeting Minutes, Capt. Mike Readling 2nd, all in favor.

     b.    Last Board Meeting
Maria circulated previous Board Meeting Minutes.  Capt. Pete Quasius Approved. Capt. Stephen Jara 2nd, all in favor. 

4.    Dues and Membership Fees – All agreed that the website needs updating, especially for membership.

     a.    Establish Dues for 2013  - $15 Basic, Guide Listing $50, Life $1000
After discussing the number of lifetime members SGF has, Erik Rimblas suggested lowering the Lifetime Membership fee to $500 for a month long special in order to increase Lifetime Membership.  All in favor. Holly will represent in the bylaws.

     b.    Three Year Membership for Two Year Payment Received
Capt. Pete Quasius recommended, all in favor.

     c.    Calendar Year Membership – Annual Meeting to Annual Meeting
Capt. Pete Quasius recommended memberships should run from annual meeting to annual meeting.  However, Capt. Stephen Jara recommends that once Automatic renewals are ironed out, then memberships should run from anniversary to anniversary. Tabled for further discussion.

     d.    After Aug. 1, Roll Over to Following Year
Capt. Pete Quasius recommended.  If a new member joins in the middle of the year, then that member should gain benefits for another year following the annual meeting or their anniversary date. All in favor.

5.    Reports
     a.    Chair's Annual Report
     b.    Treasurer's Report
Jim Bandy combined these topics.  Jim reviewed the present status of the bank account, procedures for SGF expenditures and current model for payment to employees. Jim will be reorganizing the financial system to ensure we are compliant with all state rules and regulations.
Jim Bandy and Kris Harris will go to Naples to meet with the accounting team to work through receipts, invoices, etc.  Kris Harris and Brett Fitzgerald salaries and job descriptions will be secure and accurate.

Capt. Pete Quasius and Jim Bandy would like to implement annual internal audits and standardize accounting methods.

Capt/ Pete Quasius montioned to make Brett Fitzgerald the interim executive director, Holly Andreotta 2nd, all in favor. 

Capt. Stephen Jara would like Jim Bandy to look into insurance for BOD and Officers to determine status. 

     c.    Membership Report
Kris Harris, as well as many other BOD members, raised concerns over the membership page on the website and that it has issues.  It was also brought up that the entire website is outdated and needs to be upgraded.  Brett Fitzgerald agreed that the membership page and the website itself needs to be upgraded.  He is working on a quote from the iAngler programmers to get the entire website and all of SGF’s info under one server and update things.  Once the quote is received, it will be brought to the BOD.  Jay Lochner suggests that access to the master password be included in the contract up front so that changes can be made at a later date if needed. 

There are ~150,000 subscribers and ~4,500 paid members, although many memberships require renewal.  The BOD discussed a membership drive following a suggestion by Capt. Pete Quasius.  Capt. Pete Quaius recommended doing a membership drive in Oct or Nov timeframe. 

All were in favor of the above website upgrades and membership drive.

Brett also discussed the details of the XFish Sweepstakes and the legality of a BOD winning the boat.

     d.    Advocacy Report
Capt. Pete Quaius gave the BOD an overview on the below agenda items and requested support.

          i.    Select Senate Committee on Lake Okee Management
Capt. Pete Quasius urges SGF support, Dave Nickles 2nd, all in favor.  Senator Negron wants to add $30 Million to Everglade’s Restoration next year. 

          ii.    Water Resources Development Act - Funding for CERP
$2 Billion available for projects such as C-43, Picayune, Biscayne Bay, etc. Capt. Pete Quasius urges SGF support, all in favor.

          iii.    Everglades Coalition
Comprised of 57 NGO’s.  Capt. Pete Quasius in the SGF delegate, Brett Fitzgerald is the alternate.  Next conference is in Naples on Everglades and the Coasts from Jan 9-11, 2014. Capt. Pete Quasius urges SGF support, all in favor.
          iv.    RESTORE Act by TJ Marshall of The Oceans Conservancy
There is funding available from the Deep Water Horizon Oil Spill for restoration projects to restore resources and make ecosystems whole over time through the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation. AAP has a role to play and has a chance to receive money for projects to enhance water to FL Bay, Monroe County and other habitats along Gulf coast of FL.  This plays into the Barotrauma project listed below. Section 5.e.vi.

          v.    Poll/Troll Zones
Discussion on closing a 3rd of FL Bay to motorized vehicles.  Open to Poll/Troll zones only.  Capt. Pete Quaius is making a point to have better access in and out to these zones.  Capt. Pete Quasius urges SGF support, all in favor.

          vi.    Designate Snook as State Inshore Fish – Dave Nickles
Dave Nickles asked if there is an intreset by SGF to pursue the designation of snook as the State’s Inshore Gamefish.  All in favor.  A petition will need to be created.  Dave needs help writing a document as to why it should be designated and then promote that and the petition online.  Get a Bill written and find sponsors to run it through the House and Senate. Either Dave or Brett mentioned that Ron Taylor from FWC is in support.  Mike Readling made a comment that the only negative he sees with it being passed is that you cannot catch snook in all parts of the state, so that might be a fall back with trying to get it designated.

       e.    Staff Reports –Brett Fitzgerald
          i.    iCast, 2013, 2014
Brett Fitzgerald noted that there wasn’t much to report from previous iCast report at last BOD meeting.  There was a lot of discussion with programmers to get the AAP app on all Simrod NAvCo electronics at this year’s iCast in Las Vegas.  NavCo is the fastest growing vendor ever at West Marine and wants to be a part of the AAP.  Discussions have already gone up to the CEO of NavCo and there are also talks about implementing the APP app with Navionics, Garmin, etc.  Brett Fitzgerald is now reaching out to all the contacts made from iCast to follow-up on discussions.

          ii.    Angler Action Program Update
Brett Fitzgerald went over a powerpoint presentation of the new app and thanked West Marine and Erik Rimblas for their support to make the new version happen.  Forbes Darby, from NOAA, their media specialist, is promoting the APP on a national level.  Most SGF man power goes towards the AAP.  Someone from the BOD recommended linking up to RBFF to help support the AAP Spanish version. 

iii.    SGF/West Marine Partnership
Brett Fitzgerald gave kudos to West Marine and Erik Rimblas for being the highest supporters in the fishing industry of the AAP and wants to find ways to work with West Marine beyond SGF accepting money.  West Marine has 87 stores in FL and 114 in the SE Region.  SGF would like to develop incentives for anglers logging trips at West Marine stores.  At the West Marine bi-annual meeting in March, Erik Rimblas would like to have SGF as a vendor in Monterey, CA.  Erik Rimblas is waiting for approval. Erik Rimblas would like to see a business plan/strategic plan from SGF and would like to see SGF regain structure and confidence following the recent changes in management. 

iv.    Concert Fund Raiser
Holly Andreotta and Brett Fitzgerald gave an overview of the event and asked for BOD approval.  Maria Quasius motioned and Erik Rimblas 2nd.  All in favor.  Dave Nickles offered to contact his Daughter, Christina, to inquire about assisting SGF with the event. Christina has experience with events and would be a great contact. 

Following the meeting, Maria Quasius sent Holly Andreotta an email stating that the John Marshall Foundation and Friends of the Loxahatchee will consider assuming part of the financial risk for a small percentage of the profits made and to contact John Marshall.  Limited exposure to 200 or four thousand dollars. This will be discussed at the next event meeting on July 30th. 

v.    Recognition of JJ Grey   
Brett Fitzgerald motioned to elect J.J. Grey as our first honorary Lifetime Member.  Erik Rimblas 2nd.  All in favor. 

vi.    Fish Barotrauma Research Project
TJ Marshall explained the project in detail which promotes improved catch and release techniques through barotrauma devices on deep water reef fish.  Prior to approval by SGF, TJ Marshall will comprise a budget, timeline and sample proposal for the week prior to the Aug 13th BOD meeting.  Place project on the Aug 13th BOD meeting agenda.  If SGF BOD approves, TJ Marshall would like SGF (Jim Bandy and Brett Fitzgerald) to be represented at a July 29 field visit with Commissioner Liza Pretty and Julie Morris.  If all goes well, the project will be taken to the annual FWC meeting in Nov to seek funding of the restoration project.

If you find solutions to barotrauma, you can truly practice catch and release which would lead to developing more accurate catch limits.  This may lead eventually to increased fishing seasons through better management and survivorship.  This ensures that the smaller fish and fish caught out of season can make it up the system to replace the larger fish.  The barotrauma device allows reversal of barotrauma.  A 4-5yr study on the deep water grouper and snapper complex is needed to see if the device actually works and survivorship. Chris Lowe, a barotrauma expert, is coming in for guidance. 

AAP could track who is using the barotrauma devices and survivorship.  Recreational anglers will be rewarded by longer seasons through conservation.  This is a way to get the data into stock assessments through the use of the AAP.  SGF would handle outreach to get commitments from anglers, clubs, associations etc. across the Gulf coast through project funding. This could be a 7-yr multi-phase approach.

The Smart Angler Program could also be utilized to produce a Conservation License for Anglers.
SGF would own the project.  Pete Quasius suggests getting Jay Gardner involved.

The reward is on the backside unlike forced venting initiatives.  The odds are in the anglers favor through more fish and longer seasons and possible with discounts on equipment. 

vii.    Sebastian Reef Ball Project
Brett Fitzgerald explained the project.  It is a 501(3)(c) that drops clean material to create reef balls.  The Project is asking for SGF support through web promotion to get people to donate to their project.  All were in favor, but the BOD asked for further coordination in order to get a cut of the donations (5-15%) since there is a cost associated with web support. Bring this to the next BOD meeting and add to the agenda.

6.    Bylaws
     a.    Consideration of Bylaw Revisions
Capt. Pete Quasius reviewed some of the requested changes to the bylaws and the agenda items below.  Holly Andreotta will incorporate the below items.

          i.    Two Year Terms for Officers

          ii.    Change of Title of Executive Director  to CEO  - http://www.ehow.com/about_5521840_foundation-director-job-description.html
          iii.    Increase Discretionary Spending Limits of CEO to $2000 Per Non-Budget Item. 
It was mentioned by the BOD that a travel budget should be separate.

7.    Election of Board of Directors
     a.    Establish Number of Director Positions for 2013 at 18.   Can Increase Next Year.
Jim Bandy and Brett Fitzgerald are the nominating committee.  Holly Andreotta elected the slate and Mike Readling 2nd.  All in favor.  Capt. Pete Quasius motioned to add Andy Hill to the BOD for another year.  Erik Rimblas 2nd.  All in favor.
     b.    Adjourn to Meeting of the Board
Capt Pete Quasius and Jim Bandy adjourned the annual meeting at 5:08pm.  Erik Rimblas 2nd.  All in favor. 

     c.    Election of Officers and Members of Executive Committee
Jay Lochner made the motion and Capt. Danny Barrows 2nd.  All in favor. See below Candidates for more information.
     d.    Approval of two new Members to Advisory Bodies

8.    Next Meetings
     a.    Board Meeting:  August 13, 2013 at 5:30pm Via Phone Number Listed Above

     b.    Annual Meeting:  April 19, 2014 at TBD Location

9.    Open Comments
John Marshall handed out Save-the-Date flyers for the Sea Level Rise Symposium on July 26.  He also made SGF aware of Arthur R. Marshall’s 1956 master’s thesis on snook populations in SE FL and overfishing.  It should be noted that FL saw the first regulations on snook in 1958 following this thesis and Arthur R. Marshall is credited to being one of the original protectors of the species.

10.    Adjourn
Jim Bandy adjourned the BOD meeting at 5:17pm.  All in favor.

Candidates to-date for  Proposed 2013 Executive Committee
 *individual can hold multiple positions
**Proposed bylaw change would make officer terms two years
 Let Brett know if you are interested.

1.    Chair:         Capt. Jim Bandy (2 year term)
2.    Vice Chair:     Pete Quasius (1st VC - 1 year term) 
Capt. Mike Readling (2nd  VC - 2 year term)
3.    Treasurer:      Maria Quasius (1yr term)
Andy Hill as Auditor (tentative)
4.    Secretary:     Holly Andreotta (2 year term)
5.    4 Regional Directors:
a.    Atlantic         Capt. Danny Barrows (2 year term)
b.    Gulf             Jon Brett  (1 year term)
c.    Texas            Jay Gardner (2 year term)
d.    Keys/Florida Bay     open. (1 year term) Erik Rimblas/Jim Bandy will inquire
6.    Professional Guide:      Capt. Danny Barrow (1 year term)
7.    Angler Action Coordinator    Erik Rimblas (tentative) term

8.    Executive Director/CEO    Brett Fitzgerald (2 year term)