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Thomas Webb - 1st SmartAngler Winner 2011
 Thomas Webb, practicing  - 1st SmartAngler DOA champ of 2011

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Almost everyone enjoys competing and the chance to win prizes and recognition while learning something new about fish and fishing.  Smart Angler makes it easy and fun to pick up new facts and ideas about fishing and about our favorite gamefish.  Here's a sample question:

Which of the statements below is true?

1. A tarpon reaches sexual maturity around age 10 and lives as long as 55 years.

2. Tarpon, Snook, Redfish and Dolphin (Mahi), all spend part of their juvenile life cycle in backwater tidal marshes, low salinity streams and mangrove swamps.

3. Fish Hatcheries are a suitable replacement for natural habitat and a good trade off for the development of wetlands. 

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