Whether you are manning an event  booth or talking to a friend, here are some questions you are likely to be asked....

What is the Snook and Gamefish Foundation? 

The Snook and Gamefish Foundation is a not for profit 501-3-C  Corporation organized by William R Mote, in 1998,  as a platform for anglers and conservationists to preserve, protect and enhance gamefish populations.  Mote believed that a brighter future for all fisheries is in the hands of informed anglers. (Mote is also the founder of Mote Marine Laboratories - known around the world)   Read more

What does the Snook and Gamefish Foundation do? 

The Snook and Gamefish Foundation focuses on Research, Education and Conservation projects.  The Angler Action Program,  is an excellent example of connecting anglers with researchers for fishery management and stock assessment.  The Angler Alert E-Newsletter, currently sent to 160,000 subscribers 2 times a month, is an example of outreach education, along with the SmartAngler Challenge online quiz.  Members across the state are involved in Habitat protection and Research projects specific for inshore gamefish. Everything you read, see and experience with the Snook and Gamefish Foundation was made possible by a committed member volunteer like yourself.  Read more

Why Keep a Record of your catch in the Angler Action Program?

The Snook and Gamefish Foundation's Angler Action Program is the voice of anglers in fishery management and stock assessment.  You can help build a brand new, real-time data record by simply logging the general size and location of your catch. This angler owned data record assures statistical integrity and trust in our fishery research and management leadership. Be a part of good fisheries management.

Can I join, donate, or volunteer online?  

Yes, visit www.snookfoundation.org   Join   Donate (press the yellow button)   Volunteer 

Can I purchase caps/shirts and decals online?  

Yes, at  http://www.snookfoundation.org/support/shop.html  The orders are processed and filled through our partner Mosquito Creek Outdoors.

Can someone visit and talk to my club or group?

Yes,  just provide your name and the organization info for follow up, in person or online at www.snookfoundation.org, or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Mailing Address

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