Trolling Motor Gear Holder

Boat Outfitters Trolling Motor Gear Holder
Keep all the essentials close at hand with a trolling motor gear holder by Boat Outfitters (click photo to view more)

Introducing the trolling motor gear holder, a brand new product from that dramatically increases the functionality of your tolling motor. Composed of ¾” thick King Starboard (white & black available) this unit includes a drink holder, pliers slot, a stud for leader material & a rod holder. Now you don’t even have to leave the bow to rig back up and get a line back in the water.

The unit clamps onto the shaft just below the head of the trolling motor and remains securely clamped to the trolling motor shaft even when retracted and stored. Size options are available to fit all standard shaft diameters. Not sure what size you need? Boat Outfitters has a handy measuring tool as well as a reference list of common trolling motor shaft sizes.

You can also upgrade the unit to add a hanging bag great for soft plastics. Keep your line in the water and your drinks from being kicked over. Have a convenient place to set your rod while your rig up or remove your catch. After using it for a couple of trips you’ll wonder what you did without it.
             The trolling motor gear holder is available at and is currently on sale for only $34.99!
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