Summer's End Derby Wrap
Congratulations Anglers!  1886 fish caught in the Summer's End Derby (1375 released),  Thanks to sponsors Mosquito Creek Outdoors and World of Beer!

See some of the final winners and results below -- Keep entering your fishing trips in Here are some of your catches:

Special Recognitions and Interesting Facts

Largest Snook - tie, 39 inches by both Jen Burniston & Capt. Danny Barrow
Largest Redfish - tie, 39 inches by both Allen Johnson and Ed Mohrman
Smallest Fish - tie, 4 inches Peacock Bass by Mike Teixidor and Snook by Allen Johnson
Most Trips in Derby -  Ray Base(26)  and CD Gilchrist (22)
Most Trips This Year - Eric Gates (121)
Most Released Species:  Black Sea Bass (Terry Winn 49 in 2 days) and Large Mouth Bass (Eric Gates 47 in two days)             Winners Click here for Weekend Prize Pick up details.

Summers End Derby 3 sp
  Catch and size distribution of Redfish, Trout and Snook in the Summer's End Derby.  Many other species were also logged.


  See daily winners below


Outstanding Catch Prize Packages may include:  Guy Harvey goodies by Gotta-Go-Gear, Blacktip Gear by West Marine,
Soft Lures by TriggerX, Hard Lures by Heddon, Circle Hooks by VMC, Gear Tote by Coral Reef Initiative, and other surprises by SGF!

Mosquito Creek Outdoors & 

World of Beer 

Daily Winners Week of Oct 1-6

Jack Harris
Steve Johnston
Ray Base
James Van Pelt
Chuck Klasek
Jim Simpson
Scott van deHouten

Winners Click here for Weekend Prize Pick up details.

Daily Winners Week of Sept 23-30

Beck Fox
Joseph D'Ambrosio
John Durkee
Dennis Painter
Kapers Murph
Steve Huskisson
Dale Fargo

Daily Winners Week of Sept 16-22

Eric Gates
Belinda Applegate
Clifton Gilchrist
Brittney Novalsky
Don Henley
Don Newhauser
William Cresswell

Daily Winners Week of Sept 8-15

Mosquito Creek Outdoors 

Rob Rollins
Jenn Burniston
Todd Mitchell
Mark Crow 
Thomas Reckenwald
Mike Teixidor

World of Beer

Allen Johnson
Debbie Base
Capt Danny Barrow
Ed Mohrman
Jay Alilin
Clifton Gilchrist


Daily Winners Week of Sept 1-7

Mosquito Creek Outdoors 

Terry Winn  - check out this Catch Record!  7 saltwater species with 54 fish!
John Dobbins
Capt. Danny Barrow
James Van Pelt
Rubin Diaz
Patrick Rood (prize awarded at Gator Trout Shootout)

World of Beer

Mike Teixidor - way to go!  4 freshwater species with 21 fish!
Ryan Rowe
Mark Crow
Jeff Page
Russ Caipen   nice little tarpon and thanks for logging length!
John Durkee
Capt. Nathaniel Lemmon

Thanks to Mosquito Creek Outdoors and World of Beer for making the first week of Summer's End Derby a lot of fun!  You wouldn't know by the catch that Florida was beset by a hurricane on it's west coast and an algae bloom on it's east! Two hundred forty eight fish were recorded, with 193 released and 55 kept.

A couple of events that kept everyone's spirits high:  September 1st, the Gause Built SGF Sweepstakes Skiff visited Mosquito Creek Outdoors for the Derby KickOff Party, made all the merrier by World of Beer hosting refreshments!

September 7th, the Gator Trout Shootout hosted the Gause Built SGF Skiff and Dave Decker,  Development Director, at their Indian River Lagoon-based tournament.

winners at Gator Trout Shootout
Winners in the Gator Trout Shootout  Sept 7

Gator Trout Shootout - Results
Many of Mosquito Lagoon's top anglers vied for the First Annual Gator Trout Shootout crown at JB's Fish Camp on Friday, September 7th.  The tournament was hosted by Desiree Harbster of Southern States Fishin' and Huntin' magazine. 

Thirty boats set out to catch the biggest gator trout using live bait or artificial lures. 

Most anglers caught their prizes with live pigfish or finger mullet which are among trout favorites.

While the bite was not overly active, possibly dampened by a long-persisting algae bloom, there were lots of keeper trout taken and released.  

The winning catch was caught by Bill Fisher. 
Patrick and Maggie Rood with Mosquito Creek Outdoors Rod
Patrick&Maggie Rood win Mosquito Creek Outdoors' "Gator' Rod
Patrick Rood came in second followed by Bob Fisher in third place
Dennis Cox took fourth and Casey Uttewaal 5th.  All recorded fish over 5 lbs.  The top fish was 8 3/4 lb..

Restaurateur and angler, JB, owner of JB's Fish Camp has a  heart to see  abundant fish populations such as those he recalls from the days of his youth when twelve and fourteen pound monsters were caught each trip.

He hopes to use the money raised from the tournament to rebuild Mosquito Lagoon fish stocks, especially trout.  The next tournament is planned for sometime in February.

Anglers have been posting their catch in the Summer's End Derby all week through  Maggie and Patrick Rood were lucky winners, and received a Gator Rod donated by Mosquito Creek Outdoors.